Octopus Capital Business(SMEs)

The Octopus Capital Business (SMEs) subsidiary focuses on small to medium Enterprises around the world. Our investing strategies not only include funding but also specific business strategies that can help businesses to operate in the most cost-effective way, which these are unknown to the vast majority of accountants and financial advisers which these can lead to generation of as much as an extra 3-5x EBITDA, for companies looking to sell in the near future.

What differs from other investment firms is that once the founders are carefully selected, our commitments and support expands into a personal level, which helps these founders and entrepreneurs to exceed their limits.

Nevertheless, as Octopus Capital SMEs we are open to help and invest in any industry or a business, if we see that these can fit in our present and future portofolio.

Despite the fact that we are based in Cyprus we actively travel the world when necessary, in order to optimise, buy and sell SME companies with turnovers of $250k-$5m.

Octopus Capital Business is currently involved, either individually or through its network and partners in several business deals and public listings of businesses. around the world (i.e. Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

We can take your business Public (IPO) within a very short time, without the huge costs.

If this is of an interest to you or your company, please feel free to drop us an email and tell us about your business and we will get back to you as soon as possible.