Our Services for SMEs

Management Consulting

Due to our business experience all these years, we came to the conclusion that finances is not always the main obstacle for businesses. Many business owners believe that they only need finance to expand or improve the performance of their business but the truth is different in most of the cases. Therefore, we are delighted to introduce our management consulting services which includes:

  1. IT Advisory Service
  2. Strategy & Operation
  3. Financial Management
  4. Human Resources Management

Investments & Business Finances

Octopus Capital SMEs Ltd has is always looking for new projects, in which can make a positive impact to businesses, that need the little extra push either in finance or expertise. Whatever the needs are, Octopus Capital SMEs can help and support the business owners. Your success is our success too.

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Business Turnaround

As part of a global network, Octopus Capital SMEs specialises in business turnaround strategy, where it helps companies to dramatically change their status and make them profitable within a short period of time. We have been involved in both small and big sized business turnaround deals, therefore we are confident that we will achieve great result for your company too. We love the challenge, and we do not take any fees, or receive any benefits until we deliver our promise - to turn your company into a business that you have dreamed of from the beginning. For more information, call or contact us, and find out how we can provide you with lucrative solutions for you and your business.

Merger & Acquisition

Octopus Capital SMEs Ltd is dedicated to Merger and Acquisition as powerful strategies for growth and expansion of a business. Our experience allies with every client needs and therefore depending on each business’s size and status we are able to help accordingly, as we have already done with number of cases. Our dedication lies on creating a win-win condition for all parties involved; being benefit on costs and expenses, increase profitability due to combine revenues and costs from the two or more businesses. Contact us and we might have a business ready for you to acquire or merge with.

IPO (Agglomeration)

An agglomeration IPO is a methodology or model created to solve a number of problems entrepreneurs face in growing their business and adding value.The Agglomeration Model is targeted to solve the problems and the restrictions of a SME. An Agglomeration IPO is a unique and innovative way of taking companies public on the stock market.

Core Benefits

  • Leverage a group balance sheet for winning bigger business
  • Easy International growth
  • Natural mastermind with key industry authorities
  • Easy merger opportunities, should you wish to
  • Dream advisory board
  • Liquid net worth
  • Hedged risk

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (“SMEs”) globally contribute to an average of 50% of a country’s global domestic product (“GDP”) and sometimes as much as a 90% of non-public sector workforce. Around half of all businesses no longer exist after five years, and only one-third makes it pass their 10th anniversary. These statistics have been curiously consistent throughout the years.

Whilst SMEs offer a great potential to grow and contribute to the broader economy, the inherent barriers to entries make it difficult for SMEs to grow and realise their full potential.

If these are any of your interest and in your business, feel free to contact us